Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to relax before bed and get to sleep quickly?

Many people have trouble getting to sleep. It can be hard to do considering all the activities the average joe takes on each and every day. Here are some excellent tips and tricks you can use to relax before bed to prepare for a great nights sleep:
  • Clear your mind. The mind can run at 200mph and can stop you from relaxing for hours. Do a complete brain dump 30 min before bed by writing down everything that is bouncing around in your head. This can be relaxing at any time by the way.
  • Listen to an audiobook you know well, or read a book you know well (if you read something "interesting" it could just keep you up). I personally use The Hobbit or other fantasy.
  • Breathe deeply. Fill up your abdomen and then your chest. Do this 10 times. 10 Seconds per breath.

Further there is a magic hour 2 hours before you go to sleep (whenever that may be). Do the following 2 hours before bed to sleep even better:
  • Avoid intense exercise for the 2 hours before you go to bed
  • Avoid drinking any fluids or eating anything for the 2 hours before you go to bed
  • Eat a small protein snack 2 hours before you go to sleep (for proper energy and digestion and lack of hunger pangs during sleep) 100 calories is just about right.
Last but not least:
Shoot for a regular bedtime and wake up time. The body loves this kind of rhythm and in a few days or weeks you will find yourself sleeping better and relaxing easier each night.

Use these tips to relax before bed and get a great nights sleep. I know you can do it. :)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

How to sleep deeper:

How deep do you really sleep? Do you wake up feeling fantastic, totally refreshed everyday? If you get 'enough' sleep but don't feel refreshed in the morning, its likely the quality of your sleep is suffering. Its one thing to get to sleep, its another thing to entirely sleep deeply, and it doesn't come naturally for everyone.

These are the best ways to get really deep into your sleep, really deep into the REM state:
  • Keep your hands and feet warm. Wear socks and gloves (even those $1 knit gloves will work well). If you wake up hot you will take them off without even thinking about it (I often wake up to find the gloves and socks on the floor :) ).
  • Go to the bathroom 30 minutes before bed, then again just before bed (sometimes it takes twice to really "empty the tank").
  • Do your best to block all light from the room. Even a little bit can be very distracting.
  • Do NOT the light on if you have to get up to use the bathroom. This blows your circadian rhythm right out of the water.
  • Keep the clock out of sight. If you do wake up, most people will look immediately at the clock, and it will immediately get your brain running full speed. It yanks your brain out of its sleep state.

Last but not least:
  • Get a decent Pillow - there are $5 pillows, but I haven't found any decent ones. Get a $20-40 pillow. If you sleep on your side you want a thicker one than if you sleep on your back.

I wish you the best of luck using these tips to get a deeper nights sleep. Used properly they should let you sleep like a baby.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another way to get an energizing sleep:

You've probably heard the negative things that can result from a lack of sleep. I read yesterday that sleep deprivation can even lead to Death of all things. Whoa.

In posts above I have given you the best tips to properly relax before bed and to get a deep nights sleep. I hope they work but sometimes even the best tips don't help and the insomnia is so persistent that more powerful measures are required.

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